Safe Fire-Fighting Water Supply to Hydrants
in High-Rises and Large Properties

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The specialist publication “Safe fire fighting water supply to hydrants in high-rises and large properties” by Enrico Götsch, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Günter Wozniak, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karsten Kluth, Lutz Fichtner, biologist Tim Pelzl (Dipl.-Biologe), and the Fire Safety Directorate of the Municipal Fire Department of Frankfurt am Main is aimed at engineers specializing in technical building services, inspectors monitoring fire fighting water supplies, licensing departments, employees working in the field of fire prevention, and managers in the emergency services in large cities.
It succinctly and coherently presents current research reports on issues relating to fire fighting water supply with wall hydrants in buildings, with a particular focus on high-rises, and discusses their impact on various concepts for technical equipment. This reference book is structured so as to enable the reader to quickly form his own opinion – here making effective use of the appendices will assist – on the discussions of individual issues in different boards and committees, which proved to be controversial in some cases. It thereby contributes to a more objective debate.

For fire departments in particular but also for employees working in fire prevention, managers in the emergency services, building managers, and planners specializing in technical building equipment, this reference book offers an excellent theoretical foundation for dealing with fire fighting water supply issues, especially in high-rises. This foundation of knowledge should be taken advantage of, as little field experience has been gathered of deploying modern wall hydrants in high-rise fires. The high quality of fire prevention infrastructure in high-rises means that large fires in these buildings are thankfully rare in Germany. This is all the more reason to have a theoretical discussion of different concepts for technical equipment and their hydraulic performance in order to avoid surprises and risks to emergency services personnel in the event of fires. This reference book provides just the ammunition for this debate.

Dipl.-Ing. Werner Thon
Head of the Fire Directorate of the Municipal Fire Department of Hamburg, ret.
Former Chairman of the Professional Association for Fire Chiefs in Municipal Fire Departments (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Leiter der Berufsfeuerwehren, AGBF)
Chemnitz, den 23.10.2014

For the benefit of practical users, such as engineers, inspectors, assessors, approval authorities and fire department officers, this guide describes technical hydrant water supply requirements that significantly improve the functional reliability of the systems and the safety of the operators.
Requirements for hydrant systems for fire-fighting within a building are presented and contrasted with each other with a view toward international standards and legal requirements.
The insights into the technical application of fire-fighting water supply systems are derived from interdisciplinary research results with the participation of universities, public authorities, leading fire departments, fire department training institutes, trade associations and industry and presented here in an accessible form.

Ministerialrat a. D. Gerd Gröger
Vorsitzender (bis 2011) der Fachkommission der staatlichen Bauaufsicht,
Projektgruppe Muster-Hochhaus-Richtlinie Deutschland
Chemnitz, den 06.05.2014

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